1. Use Google Chrome as a Notepad.

You have to just paste the below code to Google chrome Address Bar

notepad text
google chrome as a notepad

Note: You can also bookmark this for use it anytime.

2. Check, Whether a website is safe or not

Check, Whether a website is safe or not for browsing using google, type


Note: Just changing red letter by website name

safe browsing

3. Play a Retro Video Game in Google Image Results

Type “Atari Breakout” and click on images
google images game

4. Shake The Youtube By Searching Do The Harlem Shake On Youtube

Just Type the “Do The Harlem Shake ” in Youtube search
youtube trick

5. Show Hidden Data from Pen Drive

Do The Following Steps:

  1. Open run and type cmd.
  2. Type attrib –h –s /s /d x:\*.*

(x represents the drive name)

After typing this, hit enter. It will take few seconds according to your size of disk or pen drive.

show hide data of pen drive in cmd

6. Manage All Google Products at One Place

Google has so many services that we sometimes forget what all we’re using among them. So remember all google services, go to https://www.google.com/settings/dashboard .

There you can find all the list of services like Gmail, google plus, photo, play store, docs, games, contacts, calendar, at one place and that’s the easiest way to manage all the services

google dashboard

7. Check Your Google History

Everyone knows that’s google is monitoring us and record our all activities whenever we logged in the gmail account. To check all history (Not Chrome) of Google services just type https://history.google.com/history.

google history

8. Facebook Password Speciality

There is one Facebook’s password feature. Any Facebook user can enter his password by interchanging the upper and lower case letters. For example, if the password is MYpassWord then by entering myPASSwORD also Facebook can be accessed.

9. To see Which Tab of Google Chrome Consumes More Memory

Just Do Shift + Esc TO Start Chrome’s Inbuilt Task Manager

google chrome task manager

10. Youtube Tricks

  1. Just Replace “youtube” with “ssyoutube” in the URL and paste it in your address bar  to download the video in any quality available.

  2. Just Replace “youtube” with “nsfwyoutube” and paste it in your address bar  to bypass age restriction.