Friday, April 27, 2018
10 amazing pc/internet tricks

10 Amazing PC And Internet Tricks

You have to just paste the below code to Google chrome Address Bar Note: You can also bookmark this for use it anytime. Check, Whether a...
ip address all you need to know

What is an IP? A Complete Guide

Internet is a collection of thousands of computer networks with millions of computer across the world. That computer networks work together to exchange information. Every...
creo mark 1 a new phone every month

Creo Mark 1 A New Phone Every Month

Bengaluru Startup Creo, teases out a smartphone which offers a new smartphone experience every month. In the current market scenario, hardware is getting better and...
latest tech news

Elephone Vowney: Phone With Dual Operating System

China Based company Elephone has successfully released the Elephone Vowney The Phone with Dual Operating System (OS), with the Android  and the Windows. The...
is customizing android good or bad

Is Customizing Android Good or Bad?

Android is the most popular operating system around the world with a total market share of 78%, according to DC’s Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone...
apple fanboys love android

Here’s Proof That Apple Fanboys Adore Android

Apple’s software is going through ups and downs with some industry experts wondering whether someone is sailing their software ship or not. A Dutch humor...
innos d6000 a phone with two batteries

INNOS D6000: A Phone with two batteries

INNOS D6000: A phone with top of the line specifications and a 6000mAh Battery. Surprised? So far, manufacturers like Samsung have introduced various power management modes....
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