Consumer Electronics Show CES is one of the biggest tech events of the year, similar to Mobile World Congress, and we expect CES 2017 to showcase a lorry load of new gadgets, TVs, cars and initiatives that’ll take our breath away. It will also outline what to expect from the year ahead.

Here’s everything you need to know about CES 2017.

What is CES 2017?
CES is a tech conference held in January in Las Vegas, Nevada, where companies hold keynotes and presentations, as well as staff show floor booths, with the purpose of announcing and demoing new tech. It’s been an annual event since 2004. CES 2016 was a record-breaking year, with a total attendance of 177,393. The exhibition space spanned 2.47 million net square feet.

When is CES 2017?
This year’s show will be held from 3 January to 8 January 2017, although most of the breaking news will occur within the first day or so. The official press days for CES 2017 are 3 and 4 January, which is when you can expect the major press conferences and big announcements. The show floor opens on 5 January.

Which companies will be at CES 2017?

ASUS Experience innovation at CES

ASUS is calling its press conference for CES 2017 ‘Zenovation’. There will be a whole line up of products, likely to fall under the Zen brand, which could encompass laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Audio Technica Experience innovation at CES

Headphone experts Audio Technica will have some new Bluetooth wireless models to reveal at CES 2017: the ATH-DSR9BT and the ATH-DSR7BT. Both models will represent the first time Audio Technica has combined Bluetooth wireless connectivity with the company’s Pure Digital Drive technology, which keeps the audio signal entirely digital from source to headphone driver.

B&O Play has released a teaser video for its CES 2017 announcements, although we’d like to see you try guessing exactly what they are from it. The video says the company will be ‘connecting spaces’, so we’d assume there’s some form of multi-room involved, but that’s as far as our assumptions can go for now.

BMW Experience innovation at CES

BMW will be at CES 2017, but hasn’t given away any details of what to expect. It’s likely the car company focus on electric vehicles, perhaps revealing an update to the i3, or introducing a new model.