Android is the most popular operating system around the world with a total market share of 78%, according to DC’s Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone tracker report, published in May 2015.

is customizing android good or bad

There are several reasons behind Android being so popular such as

  • Flexibility,
  • Level of control on your phone,
  • Use of widgets,
  • Personalization
  • Customization

Which are absent in the rivals such as Apple’s iOS, Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Blackberry which restrict the customization of the phone. While there are some clear benefits of customization, there are some problems too. So, is customizing android good or bad? Let us see:-


  • Customized User Interface: A customized Android experience is offered by different companies like Google, Samsung, HTC, Sony etc. The Android is originally developed by Google and is found in Google Nexus series of phones, Motorola Phones or Android One Smartphone’s which we call it as Stock Android. Companies like Samsung, Sony, HTC, Xiaomi etc put an extra skin on stock android which we call it as Customized User Interface (UI). The basic idea behind customizing the Android is to differentiate their phones from their rivals and also add more features and apps to enhance user experience.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Customized Android offers more enhanced user experience. For Example: Samsung introduces its phones with a customized User Interface (UI) which we call as Touchwiz Interface. The Touchwiz Interface offers extra add on features such as multi-tasking, use of Stylus, ability to keep the screen on as long as user is looking towards the phone, Flipboard app which puts news and updates directly on the home screen and much more. Same is the case with other companies like HTC, Sony, Lenovo or others.
  • Wide Range of Device Selection: A wide variety of Android devices are available from different manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, HTC, Lenovo, Huawei, Micromax and much more at many different price points from the low budget smartphones to high end smartphones and available in different sizes and different hardware capabilities. Users can select any type of device according to their need.


  • More Use Of Resources: If your phone is not running the most powerful hardware, then these customizations can result in decreased performance of the phone. Let us take the example of Xioami’s MIUI interface which works greatly on its high end smartphone Mi4 but lags in performance on its low budget phone Redmi 2.
  • Pre-loaded Apps: These customized UI comes with some pre-loaded apps from the manufacturers which may or may not be relevant to the user thereby resulting in more use of storage, more use of RAM and more use of battery.
  • Late Software Updates: These customizations result in late Android updates unless you are using a Nexus series of smartphone. The reason behind late updates is that companies need to customize their features according to the latest Android and test them which take time which results in waiting for months to get the latest Android experience.

Is there something that we missed. Please share with us what are your views.