Friday, April 27, 2018
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What is an IP? A Complete Guide

ip address all you need to know
Internet is a collection of thousands of computer networks with millions of computer across the world. That computer networks work together to exchange information. Every device that's connected to the internet uses some type of unique address called IP Address.(where IP stands for internet protocol). IP Address is like your phone number that is uniquely defined to communicate with each others....

Top 3 Plugins For Backing Up Your WordPress Site

top 3 plugins for backing up your wordpress site
Today we are going to take a look at top 3 plugins that allows you to schedule and set up custom backups for your site to be stored on Dropbox and other services. So the first question here arises: What is the Need of Backing up your Website on Regular Basis? You may assume that if you pay someone to...

Outputting Dynamic Text in PHP

outputting dynamic text in php
We are going to start learning how to embed a PHP code in a page. There are some basic rules that we need to know. This is the way to start and end the PHP Code. What we are doing is essentially saying to our web server “Hey! As you are processing this document, turn on the PHP. There are some other...

PHP Installation

how to install php
Now we are going to study how to install PHP and MySQL on Windows. Let’s take a note of the general requirements. Web Server: A web server is going to listen for page requests from the web browser and then serve the pages back to the web browser, while processing the PHP that is in those pages. Apache is...

Introduction to PHP

introduction to php
PHP is a server side scripting language. You may thought of it as a Programming Language, but technically it is a Scripting Language. So how a Scripting Language is different from a Programming Language. It runs in response to an event. Performs instructions from top to bottom. Little or no user interaction. Runs even when not responding to events. Jumps around instructions. Lots of user...

Google Analytics 360 Suite A New Tool For Marketers

google analytics 360 suite a new tool for marketers
Google has launched a new product for Marketers, Google Analytics 360 Suite, aiming to target Adobe’s Marketing Cloud, Facebook Atlas and other similar services. Google Analytics 360 Suite is going to combine 6 services under one solution for the Marketers: Google Analytics Premium(Now called as Google Analytics 360): It will roll out exciting new capabilities throughout the next couple of months...

Creo Mark 1 A New Phone Every Month

creo mark 1 a new phone every month
Bengaluru Startup Creo, teases out a smartphone which offers a new smartphone experience every month. In the current market scenario, hardware is getting better and fast but the software remains the same. Instead of rolling out major tweaks in the Android OS, the interface remains the same. Either it is Google’s Stock Android or the Samsung’s Touchwiz Interface. According to a...

Top 5 Ways To Earn Money Online

top 10 ways to earn money online
Money is not everthing in life, but it is one of the most important part of the life. And in the online world, we have got plenty of opportunities to earn. But the first question that arises in mind- "Is it Even Real?". Yes, it's real. There are many people in the world who are making money by just sitting at home....

Cool Notepad Tips And Tricks

Notepad is a simple text editor for Microsoft Windows. It has been included in all versions of Microsoft Windows since Windows 1.0 in 1965. It is a utility software which lets us to code various programs that can even control the working of the system. Using this feature we can perform various tips and tricks which can be sometimes...

How To Create Google Custom Search Engine For Your Website

Google allow website owners to create a custom search engine page for their website that utilizes Google search technology but only shows results from post & pages on your particular website. If you decide to configure Google custom search engine, you can use Google AdSense to display advertisements on your web sites custom search engine results page. To get started we...
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