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Setting Up A PHP Site in Dreamweaver

setting up a php site in dreamweaver
You can use any Integrated Development Environment(IDE) to create a PHP Page such as Notepad, Sublime Text or PHP Designer but I am using Adobe Dreamweaver. Not only it’s my favorite web development tool but also it has excellent built in support for PHP. One of the cool feature is the way it gets built into your testing server, allowing...

Is Customizing Android Good or Bad?

is customizing android good or bad
Android is the most popular operating system around the world with a total market share of 78%, according to DC’s Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone tracker report, published in May 2015. There are several reasons behind Android being so popular such as Flexibility, Level of control on your phone, Use of widgets, Personalization Customization Which are absent in the rivals such as...

Here’s Proof That Apple Fanboys Adore Android

apple fanboys love android
Apple’s software is going through ups and downs with some industry experts wondering whether someone is sailing their software ship or not. A Dutch humor artist came up with an idea to upload Android on an IPhone and convince faithful Apple fans that this is Apple iOS9. The results were uploaded to YouTube and they were somewhat funny as Apple Fanboys...

Social Media Success Factors

social media success factors for small businesses
  For small businesses, having enough resources is always a big struggle. However, the major aim of small businesses is to get in front of the people and social media is the best way. Managing all your social media's is a full time job, but if you can’t afford to hire a full time or even a part time employee, you...

INNOS D6000: A Phone with two batteries

innos d6000 a phone with two batteries
INNOS D6000: A phone with top of the line specifications and a 6000mAh Battery. Surprised? So far, manufacturers like Samsung have introduced various power management modes. And chip makers like QUALCOMM have produced more power efficient processors. And now a company has decided to add a 6000mAh battery to a phone. The company has added a unique “Double Cell Structure” technology. This...

Directory Submission Site List 2017

directory submission site list
For search engine spiders or robots or google bot, links are like the highways between the pages. Since the late 1990s, search engine have treated links as vote of trust to your website. Links are not everything in SEO but a play a major role in the website rankings. Through links, search engines analyze trust, spam, authority and popularity of...

Embedding Google Maps Into A Webpage

Google Maps is one of the best utilities for people to get directions, view satellite images and perform any other task related to maps. There are number of reasons behind embedding maps on into your web page such as Guiding users to your physical location Using maps for background graphics Saving addresses for faster directions Getting information about a business Embedding...

How to Auto Post to Facebook and Twitter from WordPress

how to auto update to facebook and twitter from wordpress
In order to get more traffic for your blog, it is a must to share your posts on different social medias. Now posting your content on social medias is not a difficult task but can be time consuming as it involves many steps such as: Publishing the content on your wordpress blog Copying the post URL. Opening your social...

5 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

5 books every entrepreneur should read
Being a successful, thriving entrepreneur is everyone’s dream. But it is not as easy as everyone thinks, as if it was then everyone would have been a successful entrepreneur. According to the data presented by the Harvard business school: After taking a look at those numbers, you might think second time of investing your time and your money on a...

Use of Internal Linking in SEO

importance of internal linking in seo
Getting links from other websites pointing at your website Is a very difficult task but there are some links that you have complete control. Determining how you link the pages on your own website is also very important for search engines. Internal Linking helps search engines to understand the hierarchy and structure of your website. NAVIGATION LINKS Navigations links are the links...
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