Reliance Jio 20 Billion Dollar Startup By Mukesh Ambani, is finally opening up its network to all users. The launch was announced at the Reliance AGM by Chairman Mukesh Ambani on Thursday, who said anyone can now get a Jio SIM, adding the network will be free to use for all until December 31.

reliance jio $20 billion startup

Addressing the company’s 42th annual general meeting in Mumbai for an hour, Mr. Ambani said the 4G network of Reliance Jio would cover 90% of India’s 1.25 billion population by March 2017 and would eventually cover 18,000 cities and 200,000 villages. The company would seek to have 100 million customers in the shortest possible time as it builds out its 4G network across the country.

Here’s everything you need to know about Reliance Jio

1. Reliance Jio is Just 4G

The Reliance Jio network is running entirely on 4G. To access the network, you need a 4G compatible phone with VoLTE support. Reliance Retail’s lineup of Lyf phones offer a low cost option, starting from Rs. 2,999, though you can buy any phone that supports VoLTE and use it.

If you are not ready to move away from your current phone, you can buy the JioFi portable Wi-Fi hotspot at Rs. 1,999 and take advantage of Jio’s plans as long as your phone supports Wi-Fi.

2. 100% VoLTE

Reliance Jio is also a 100 percent VoLTE network – the largest in the world, according to Ambani. VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE, by which you make voice calls over the data network. As an end user, nothing is really different – you still dial a number just like you always would, and during the preview offer at least, connections have been clear and reliable. But at the backend, even voice calls use data, compared to non-VoLTE networks, that treat data and voice differently.

VoLTE Explained in Hindi

VoLTE Explained in English

3. Everything is Free

Although Reliance Jio plans were revealed on Thursday, everything is going to be completely free for users until December 31, 2016. Jio’s data, voice, and video will be available fully free for everyone, until the end of the year. Ambani called this Jio’s Welcome Offer, which will enable everyone to try out Jio without spending any money.

reliance jio 20 billion dollar startup

4. eKYC For Faster SIM Activation

KYC, or Know Your Customer, is a process of a business verifying the identity of its clients – eKYC means taking the process online. Typically, when you apply for a new SIM card, you have to carry a number of documents with you. You need a proof of addrsess, a proof of identity, and photographs, and then you have to attach these to a form, fill that up, and finally you get to apply for your card.

At the Reliance Jio launch, Chairman Mukesh Ambani even noted that people had to wait for hours to get their service activated. By switching to eKYC, the whole process will become much faster – you should be able to walk out of the store with a working Jio SIM card, in just 15 minutes.

5. Cheapest Data Rates in India

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