In today’s online world, everyone wishes to get everything online, whether it is going to be an appointment. Suppose if need to visit a doctor at a hospital, it would be great if I could get a prior appointment with that particular doctor online so that I don’t need to stand in queues to wait for the doctor.

As a business owner(doctor), you can offer these kind of services to your customers(patients) which will save both yours and your customers time. It can also help business owners, to understand and manage the day perfectly by looking at the number of appointment taken.

So today we are going to see some of the Best Appointment Booking WordPress Plugins which you can implement on your WordPress site.

Top 3 Appointment Plugins For WordPress 2016

1. Bookly

Top 3 Appointment Plugins For WordPress 2017 - blogging

Bookly is a premium wordpress plugin and by far the best appointment wordpress plugin. Its full responsive design looks perfect in all of the mobile devices and its UI offers the most beautiful and modern design.

You can play with the look and feel of the front-end by changing its color schemes and it also comes with an inbuilt form builder through which you can customize the form fields according to your requirement.

Top 3 Appointment Plugins For WordPress 2017 - blogging

It also comes with a very powerful and easy to use admin interface through which you can manage your schedules, import/export all your appointments and much more.

The plugin also comes with SMS and Email notifications, supports online payments through PayPal, and Stripe. You can also integrate the plugin with your Google Calendar so that all your appointments get synchronized on all your devices.

Overall its one of the best Appointment Booking Plugin for WordPress which offers all the possible features and options.

2. Pinpoint Booking System Pro

Top 3 Appointment Plugins For WordPress 2017 - blogging

It is the another premium WordPress plugin which you can use to create modern reservation system on your website. You can easily integrate the plugin with the WooCommerce plugin to extent its functionality.

The users will be available to see the available booking days and hours and reserve their slots accordingly. The plugin comes with many features such as support for coupons, discounts, deposits and much more.

It is a fully responsive WordPress Plugin through which you can create unlimited Calendars.

3. Team Booking - WordPress Booking System

team booking wordpress appointment plugin

Yet another powerful appointment booking plugin for WordPress that will help you create a complete booking system on your website.

It’s a fully responsive booking plugin that gets integrated with your Google Calendar which will help you plan your availability and manage reservations.  You can also integrate Google maps with the appointment form with five different styles to choose from.

The plugin comes with an approval system which you can use to approve each appointment manually. It comes with a three level notification system, where when a user books an appointment, it triggers a notification to the admin, the co-worker and the user at the same time keeping everyone in the loop.